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This municipality in Malaga offers a wide range of tourist attractions. It is a tourist destination due to the weather in Estepona, predominates a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures in winter.

Temperatures in Estepona average around 17 degrees all year round. In this locality there is evidence of its proximity to the Strait of Gibraltar, as it is the Costa del Sol town that receives more rainfall a year. You can also feel the easterly or westerly winds.

What to see in Estepona? Thanks to its geographical location you can enjoy a large number of activities. If you would like to take a walk, you can take a tour by tourist bus, museums, cultural sea routes and the Estepona marina.

Estepona has more than 67,000 inhabitants throughout the year, but in summer you can see its population triple thanks to its good weather. Tourists visiting the city can enjoy its beaches, its cultural sites and its proximity to the provincial capital, Malaga.

In addition, the Costa del Golf has several golf courses that receive thousands of players every year and very important tournaments are held in the town. Holidays in Estepona are perfect to enjoy Spain and its traditions.